CALIBRATION ESD measurement equipment

Total ESD solutions offers calibration services for ESD measuring equipment, specifically aimed at measuring the electrical properties of electrostatically safe workplace equipment. This also includes electrostatic measuring instruments for use in medical areas and ATEX zones.

Calibration of these measuring instruments requires a unique approach.

Such instruments must have specific electrical, but also mechanical properties, which are not or only partially examined by a regular calibration service. A typical example of this is investigating the flatness and hardness of probes for measuring floors and work surfaces.

Another example is checking the deviation of portable electric field measuring equipment. These instruments are only suitable for indicative purposes. Calibration can quickly provide insight into the expected deviation. This is often bigger than you think!

Total ESD solutions is not an accredited calibration company, but can calibrate and report in accordance with ISO17025. Our own reference instruments are checked annually by well-known accredited calibration companies in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Typical examples of instruments that we can calibrate:

  • Charge plate monitors (all types)
  • (handheld) Electrostatic field meters
  • Electrostatic voltmeters
  • High impedance meters (all brands)
  • Floor, chair and 2-point measuring probes (IEC61340-4-1/-2-3)
  • Triangular probes (EN1081)
  • Personal Grounding testers (PGT)
  • nano Coulomb meters
  • Walking testers (also known as body voltage testers)
  • Temperature/ Humidity meters (limited abilities)

We will refer you to well-known regular calibration companies, for the calibration of ESD guns, "ordinary" multimeters, insulation testers, milliohm meters, or high-voltage equipment, We can take care of the communication and handling for you.

Total ESD solutions offers fast service and clear reporting. We also take care of any repairs and replacements (with cost specification in advance), if they appear to be necessary. We will collect the instruments at your location and also return them (if desired) (Pickup & return service in NL and BE only).

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