Consult an ESD expert

Tim Maas has been working as an advisor on EMC and ESD for about 25 years. He qualified himself for this  in top companies such as Océ Technologies bv and ASML Netherlands bv.

Tim is certified as an ESD specialist by the German ESD Forum. (See, ANSI/ESDA TR53-certified ESD specialist.)

Tim offers ESD courses and carries out audits for EPA’s. With his extended knowledge on dissipative materials, he advises on creating ESD-safe layouts for working rooms, and on ESD-safe product design. He works together with partners for ESD-safe chip and component design.

Total ESD Solutions is a member of the Nederlandse EMC-ESD Vereniging (The Dutch association on EMC and ESD), and represents ASML in the Nederlandse standardisatiecommissie (Dutch standardization committee)


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