ESD Coördinator training


The ESD Coordinator is the "local expert" in the field of electrostatically safe working in a company or institution.

The coordinator is responsible for or influences the ESD company policy. The ESD Coordinator is (after the training) able to independently solve all simple ESD-related issues within the activities of the company for which he/she works.

This course consists of 4 modules (2 theory and 2 with a practical approach) and is preferably provided in the company/institution where the student works.

Module 1 (theory) is a general introduction course to working electrostatically safe, which uses various demos and examples.

Module 2 (practical) deals with the use of measuring equipment and its (im)possibilities. The student is also made aware of what to pay attention to when ESD measurements are outsourced to third parties in his/her company/institution.

Module 3 (theory) deals with the plan of aproach to develop an ESD company policy and how to determine what degree of electrostatic safe working is actually necessary.

Module 4 (practical) is the final module of this training. In this half-day, the student will use the acquired knowledge to work in his/her company/institution. The student will conduct a process audit him/herself (under the supervision of the trainer) and learn to observe, analyze and assess. This immediately marks the start of any improvement actions, if applicable.

It is a very intensive training with a lot of knowledge transfer and some self-study. Following this training in 2 days is possible, but for a higher learning efficiency it is recommended to spread the training over several days. Typical examples of preferred training programs are: 4x half day, or 1 full day, followed by 2 half days (with a week of self-study in between the 2 half days). The self-study consists of studying the ESD standards on which the training is based. (That can be either ANSI S20.20 or IEC61340-5-1, whichever is preferred).

Typical group size for participation in this training is (max) 5 people.