Garment conductivity tester



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The garment conductivity tester. model 40,  is a system for testing the electrical conductivity of garments. These garments are normally worn in medical, ATEX, electronics manufacturing and clean room environments. All types of garments (static control, groundable static control and garments with integrated wristband) can be tested with this system.

Very low cost of ownership, minimal maintenance required, no calibration required, versatile, small footprint (requires a factor of 6 less space compared to conventional probe method), Very ergonomic (operators can remain seated while testing garments), Lightweight, Robust (almost no wear possible on the contact surfaces), Very modular design (floor model optional, for use with large wheeled buckets), Ergonomic base for impedance meter integration possible (optional). Suitable for automated testing.

Relationship to standards
The clothing tester is fully compliant with IEC 61340-4-9 and ANSI ESDA STM 2.1.
Applied pressure on contact areas equivalent to conventional method with 2.5 kg / 5 lb probes.

This product is compatible with any high impedance meter (not included, but can be supplied if required)

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