High impedance meter


The high impedance meter is an electrical resistance meter with adjustable measuring voltage. The international ESD standards prescribe that ESD measurements of surfaces or volumes must be carried out with 100 V DC voltage. A regular multimeter has a measuring voltage of ~ 4.5V and is therefore not suitable for this. Measurement accuracy due to the multimeter's internal construction deteriorates rapidly at high electrical resistances. ESD-safe materials have the property that the electrical resistance on the surface is often very high. Therefore, the electrical resistance of an ESD prevention related product cannot be reproducibly measured with a multimeter. This also applies to the use of insulation resistance testers. Due to deviating test voltages, this equipment is not suitable for use according to internationally agreed measurement methods.

The high impedance meter is suitable for measurements according to:

IEC61340-2-3 (Research on ESD safe materials),
IEC61340-4-1 (ESD floors),
IEC61340-4-5 (Personal grounding in electrostatic safe working environments)
IEC61340-4-9 (ESD clothing).

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