Module ESD basics for production personnel


This entry-level training examines the everyday applications of electrostatics, what this physical phenomenon actually is and what damage it causes in sensitive equipment.

The trainees learn how to correctly use the ESD safe personal protective equipment. By means of interactive experiments they find out what effects these have on ESD safety.

The special thing about this training is that it is partly given on the (customers) work floor.

A typical training of this type starts with a short (max 1 hour) explanation of the concepts and some demonstrations, after which the group (max 15 people) is divided into a smaller composition (max 5 people). Subsequently, the work floor will be visited per group to put the theory into practice. This is a significant increase in learning efficiency and is experienced as very effective and educational.

The ESD basic training for production employees is accessible, interactive and can be provided in Dutch, German or English.